Dr. Gary J. Rosenbaum is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction. All facets of breast reconstruction are performed in our practice.

Over the past 13 years he has been able to offer women the latest techniques in breast reconstruction that are available today. This includes implants, as well as the increasingly popular DIEP Flap. By combining cosmetic principles to breast reconstruction Dr. Rosenbaum is able to produce a more aesthetically pleasing breast. He incorporates skin sparring mastectomies whenever possible to improve the optimal result.
Our office understands that a woman seeking breast reconstruction has several issues that need to be addressed. We know this is a time where a great deal of information is given to the patient that needs to be processed.

Therefore, we encourage patients to schedule appointments with us which allow time for detailed explanations of:

the various options available to women seeking reconstruction
what to plan for prior to surgery
what to expect during the surgical period and healing phases following surgery

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